Callie’s Garden

Today was the most glorious day.  Our angel baby watched over us and put in a word with the Big Man to bless us with the most beautiful weather…and the rain held out until we were completely done.  Just in time to water it!  Creating a garden for Callie was such a wonderful way to honor her.  Our friend, David, put together the most beautiful plan and we had so many wonderful friends and family come out to volunteer their time, effort, energy and most of all, SWEAT!  Halfway through our hard work, someone called out, “Look!  You have your first butterfly!”  As I looked up, I caught a glimpse of a little, yellow butterfly flitting about the new plants.  I believe that yellow butterfly was Callie’s spirit, running and playing in her new garden.  God sends the most amazing signs to prove His love for us, doesn’t He?  At the end of the day, we put the gorgeous rock we had engraved from a shop on Etsy at the bottom of the cross to mark Callie’s resting place.  It was an emotional moment, but I managed to make it through the day without breaking down into a weepy mess.

It is our hope that this garden will be a source of joy and happiness to all who come to enjoy its beauty.  The winding stone path encourages people to wander throughout the flowers and trees.  A bench rests under the shade of three beautiful crepe myrtles.  We hope with all our hearts that people feel welcome to go to this place…to play, to think, to pray.  It is too beautiful not to share.

Many thanks to all who helped today!  Enjoy the pics!

Before #1

Before #2


Sunset the night before our planting...a good omen 🙂

10 thoughts on “Callie’s Garden

  1. Looks great. What are the tall purple flowers? Sorry I couldn’t be there to help. It took an hour for me to plant a few bushes and little flowers in front of the house and I thought that was hard work. I believe it that you were sweatin!!

  2. Kristin and John,
    Hokie Dad and I were able to visit Callie’s beautiful garden yesterday. Although it was raining out it was still a beautiful, peaceful site. All of you did a tremendous job and honestly the pictures do not do it justice. I wish that we could have been there on Saturday to help.

    • I’m glad you got to visit 🙂 I agree…I wasn’t happy with any of my ‘after’ pictures because I couldn’t figure out how to capture how beautiful it is. I think you just have to be there. xoxo

      • Kristin,
        I didn’t mean that the pictures aren’t beautiful, because they are! You are turning into quite an amazing photographer. I have enjoyed looking at your photo a pictures and the thought and creativity that has gone into them.
        When I was standing in the garden I could really feel the heart and soul that went into its creation. I think maybe that is the difference between being there and just seeing the pictures. I am sorry that we didn’t see you yesterday afternoon, I’m sure that you must have been exhausted.

  3. Kristin, I’m so glad I got to see this. Your mom sent only a couple of pictures, but it is truly beautiful and all of you did such a wonderful job. I’m sure there were a lot of achy joints that night!

    Sorry your granddad and I couldn’t be there, but I don’t guess we would have been of much physical help. Love to you and John.

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