Marf Mom

Hi all!  My friend, Maya, has allowed me to share Callie’s story on her blog, Musings of a Marf Mom.  I appreciate her sharing her space with me and opening me up to the family of people who are affected by Marfan syndrome.

Here is my guest post on her page.

The past two days have been such an improvement for me!  Yay for good days!  🙂  Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’m heading out to dance my butt off (literally!) in Zumba!

3 thoughts on “Marf Mom

  1. Yay Zumba!! I’ve been meaning to post this for you….I’ve been trying to do my zumba workouts at home and I came across this video on youtube. For some reason this instructor reminds me of you, I think it’s her smile but I thought you might like it and maybe follow along =-)
    Zumba YouTube video

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