A Nightmare Realized

For years now, I have had one recurring nightmare.  I am in my classroom when I hear gunfire.  I follow the procedures for an intruder drill, gathering my students into the corner and closing the locked door.  I block the entrance with furniture.  But it’s all too late.  The gunman enters and we come face to face.  And then the dream ends as suddenly as it came.

It absolutely shatters my heart that this nightmare became a real-life tragedy for those of Sandy Hook Elementary.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of the victims’ loved ones who are left behind, but it does touch me deeply on so many levels.

As someone who’s hometown and college campus was violently attacked.  As the teacher of young and innocent children.  As the wife of an assistant principal.  As a mother who has experienced sudden and unexpected loss and grief.

My heart is broken for you.  I wish you peace, if but only scattered amongst the pain in tiny moments.  Savor those, as I know they are little hugs from God.

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