32 + 1

In light of yesterday’s events at the Boston Marathon and in remembrance of the Virginia Tech shooting six years ago, I felt like I should repost this piece that I wrote last year on this date. I urge all of you to think of an act of kindness you can do today to remember and honor anyone who has been affected by these terrible events. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Maybe you hold the door for the person behind you. Maybe you make a yummy treat and drop it off at the firehouse or police station. Maybe you make a financial contribution to a deserving charity. I know one of the best acts of kindness I ever received was at the airport…I was standing by myself waiting for John, lost in thought. A woman looked at me and walked past. Then, suddenly, she turned around and told me, “You are SO beautiful.” I’m pretty sure I was wearing sweatpants and hadn’t showered that morning. The woman walked away as quickly as she had come and I was left feeling really, truly, beautiful.

Go give someone a compliment today. Do a kind act. Show the world that it’s not such an ugly place.

Do it for Callie. Do it for Newtown and Boston. Do it for my Hokies.

32 + 1

our sunshine angel

April 16, 2007.  5 years ago today.  Our world, as Hokies, changed forever.

My life as a Hokie began long before that though.  I was born and raised not too far down the road from Virginia Tech.  Blacksburg is, therefore, a part of my childhood and a part of my soul.  There are no other flags flying, no other colors but orange and maroon in my town.  In my town, people stop and say hello.  The air feels just a little bit cleaner and in a few short months it will be sweet and heavy with the scent of honeysuckle.  A traffic jam only happens in the check-out lanes at WalMart and, in my town, the drawl of a country accent is just as slow as the pace of life.  Oh, man do I miss that.

When it came time to choose a college, I had the world open to…

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