Kindness for Callie: March is “Seniors” Month

How is it already March 4th???  February really flew by!  Thanks to all of you who thought of some great ways to incorporate the ‘hearts’ theme into an act of kindness for last month!  I added your acts of kindness to the 2014 K4C log 🙂  Please don’t be shy…if I forgot one, TELL ME!  Don’t take it personally.  My memory is soooo terrible.   I ask at least 100 times a day, “Where’s my phone???”  It’s a chronic problem.  😉

Here is our March theme:



This month is all about helping senior citizens!  Or in other words, those who are “gifted in years”!  😉  When I was in college, I spent one summer helping to organize an ‘intergenerational program’ between the adult and child daycare centers.  It was so wonderful seeing the therapeutic effect of our senior friends being amongst preschoolers.  We gardened, did arts and crafts, read together…you name it!  It left a lasting impression on me.  Although I work with young children now, I could definitely see myself working with seniors as well.  It made my heart swell!

Here are some ideas for “senior” month:

-Volunteer at a senior center or assisted living facility:  You have many talents!  Give the gift of your time to help a senior with a skill that you have a knack for.  Play an instrument, knit, read the newspaper, teach a computer skills class…reach out to your local senior center and ask if they are interested in having you volunteer your talents.  🙂

-Alzheimer’s has impacted our family closely as well as many others.  Help this month by making a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association.

-If you know a senior who has trouble getting to the grocery store or making dinner, help him or her by making a meal and dropping by for company!

-Write letters to a senior.  This is a great one for a child to help with!  When I was a kid, our church organized “Pew Pals” which paired a younger and older congregation member together.  We wrote cards for each other and gave each other small gifts.  It was rewarding for both young and old!  I can still remember my pew partner always calling me her little “marshmallow” because of a hot chocolate mug I gave her.  It was really special and is an easy way to show someone you care!


Thanks as always for your continued support!

4 thoughts on “Kindness for Callie: March is “Seniors” Month

  1. Kristin,

    Today, my daughter and I were heading to the mall and a single yellow balloon was just hovering in our path. I thought to myself that it must mean something. In googling yellow balloon, I was directed to your blog. What an inspiration you and John are to face the loss of Callie and choose to pay it forward! I don’t know if Callie was saying hello today, but I am feel so privileged to know your story. I am a pediatrician and work with wonderful children, some well and some sick. I have supported parents through some crippling losses and witnessed their soaring joys. Raising my own three children has helped me become a better doctor and stories like yours make me want to work even harder to care for my patients and to show them and their parents the kindness and understanding they deserve. Please keep sharing Callie’s story.

    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your amazing comment! For some reason the notification went to my junk email folder. Your story gave me goose bumps…I know Callie had a hand in that yellow balloon that crossed your path. I hope you don’t mind if I share your story! Thanks for reaching out to me…it means so much!

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