Charlotte’s Time Capsule: One Year Old!!


Our baby is one.

One year ago today, the doctors and nurses exclaimed, “Happy birthday!” as they pulled Charlotte out of my womb, cut the cord, and brought her around to us, screaming and pink.  She was strong and healthy and has remained so to this day.

One year ago today, we noticed that Charlotte had the most endearing dimples and a sweet disposition.  She made us smile from the very beginning.

One year ago today, our hearts were full to the brim with joy, love, and laughter.  What a special day that was.

Today, our baby girl is one.  I have spent pretty much every day of this past year in complete awe and wonder of life itself because she is now in it.  Charlotte continues to amaze me on a daily basis and I simply can’t get enough.  Watching her grow and develop has been the greatest living testament to the wonders of God I have ever known.

My heart aches a little knowing how fast time is flying by.  When I look back at the past year, I get sad knowing that I can’t go back and do it all over again.  Oh, I wish I could!  From what I have heard though, there are only better things to come.  So that is what is keeping me going right now.  The promise of our amazing future.  Hope abounding.  And lots of love.

Things to put into Charlotte’s last time capsule as she turns one year old:

-This is a big one!  We have a walker on our hands now!  Charlotte took her first steps on March 25th and hasn’t slowed down one bit.  Each day she grows steadier and steadier.  And we can pretty much forget about sitting down anymore!  We are constantly on the go 🙂

-Charlotte’s favorite pastime this month (besides walking!) is reading books.  She’s always enjoyed reading, but now she simply can’t get enough of it.  She loves to help turn the pages and look at the pictures as we read.  She loves it so much that she has been known to fling herself backwards with dramatic flair when we have to finally pry the books away from her for bedtime.  (We’ve even had to put a book in her crib a time or two just to get her to sleep!)  Looks like she takes after me after all!

-I *think* she said “Momma” for real this month, but she hasn’t said it again so I’m not sure.  She also says something that sounds like, “Hi dogs!” or “Hi dad!” as she waves.  We get the occasional “Uh oh” as well 🙂

-Her first birthday cake!  She didn’t hesitate to explore the cake’s icing, but didn’t get as messy as I thought she would.  She loved it regardless!





I love this girl so much.  I hope she always knows that.

Happy birthday Charlotte Grace!  Mommy and Daddy love you like crazy.


Charlotte’s Time Capsule: 11 Months


I feel like I just wrote Charlotte’s last time capsule.  The harder I try to hold on to these last moments of her first year, the faster they seem to fly right past me.  How can she be 11 months already???

Memories for Charlotte’s Time Capsule this month:

-Charlotte started clapping this month!  It is so sweet watch her give herself a round of applause after she practices standing all by herself.  She’ll also give a high five (kind of).  🙂

-Turbo Speed:  that moment when she sees something she wants across the room and starts crawling in high gear.  She’s crazy fast.  I love it.

-The couch has become Charlotte’s favorite place to play because she can cruise alongside of it to get from place to place.

-She is soooooooo close to walking!  I love holding her hands and watching her take steps…she leads me all over the place.  I can’t imagine how different it will be when she’s taking those first steps without holding on anymore.

-Um, look at all those teeth!!!!!!!  She’s using them to eat a variety of finger foods now (without the funny faces!).  And occasionally, I have received a little love bite or two.  Gotta work on that.

-This one’s my favorite…Charlotte has loved giving kisses for awhile now, but this month she’s learned how to give raspberries on my cheek.  It’s such a sweet, slobbery treat and I could just eat her up!

Sooo, I’m having a hard time as we approach the one-year mark.  On one hand, I’m excited for the next phase, toddlerdom.  But on the other, I’m so so so sooooo emotional about Charlotte leaving her baby days behind her.  I’m not ready.  Not one bit.  Someone hold me!  Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Charlotte’s Time Capsule: 10 Months


Don’t you just want to squeeze those little legs???  I feel the one year mark fast approaching and I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  This past month was full of development and milestones for Charlotte…

Things for the time capsule:

-Watch out world!  Baby Charlotte can now pull herself up to a standing position!

-Charlotte has now moved on from army crawling to crawling on her hands and knees.  John installed baby gates to keep our little explorer safe!

-Changing her diaper is now somewhat akin to trying to dunk a cat into a tub full of water.  Now that she is mobile, she wants NOTHING to do with having her diaper changed.  Once, she pushed herself away from me so hard that she catapulted backwards and was left dangling in my hands by her feet.  Yes, covered in poop.

-Charlotte is very slowly beginning to add more finger foods to her diet.  She eyes them warily and takes teeny tiny nibbles.  Progress.

-Um, how can I say this??  She is a little more….  willful.  Yeah, let’s go with willful.  That’s a positive way of saying that Charlotte has developed a bit of a ‘tude on occasion.  Ok, lots of occasions.    😉  But she is still oh, so sweet.

-I love the way she plays a standing up/splashing down game with Daddy in the tub.  1…2…3…splash!!  **lots of giggles**

-Playing peek-a-boo is another favorite game.  I can’t get enough of watching the look on her face when she sees me again.

-Every once in awhile, I check to see if she still has a little fat roll where her wrist meets her forearm.  Yep, still there.  I love it so much.  That and her little pudgy feet.  🙂

I have a feeling that we may have a walker on our hands by next month!  Only time will tell!

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Charlotte’s Time Capsule: 9 Months


For some reason, 9 months feels really big.  Charlotte has almost been in the world longer than she was inside the womb.  Lately when I look at her, she just seems so much bigger.  Here’s what’s happening now in Charlotte’s world:

–  This month, Charlotte celebrated her first Christmas (which you can read about here)

-She is officially ON THE MOVE!  Army crawling is her preferred method of transportation.  It’s amazing how fast she can move by just dragging herself along…and it’s quite comical!

-Now Charlotte can get into a sitting position from lying down all by herself.  It was quite a surprise to find her in her crib like this:

sitting up

-Those chunky little legs are getting stronger every day.  Charlotte has stood unassisted for short stretches of time (and by short, I mean like 5 seconds!).

-This month, we started swim class with our little fish.  She absolutely loves putting her face in the water to get toys and splashing and kicking the water.  swim1

-A few weeks ago, Charlotte gave her Daddy a wave goodbye.  She won’t recreate it on demand, but we do catch her waving to the dogs quite a bit 😉

-We experienced our first illness with Charlotte this month…the flu!  I can’t believe she made it nine months without getting sick since she has two parents who work in schools and goes to daycare.  We thank our lucky stars for that, but it was still SO sad to see her feeling bad.  (I won’t lie though…I did enjoy the extra snuggles!)

Thanks so much for all the yellow acts of kindness this month!  I’m so excited to share a wrap-up of them later.  You have no idea how much it means to us.  xoxo

Charlotte’s Time Capsule: 8 Months

*Re-edited to correct typo!  8 months old, not 9!  ;-)

*Re-edited to correct typo! 8 months old, not 9! 😉

I was going down memory lane this morning…scrolling through the last eight months of pictures.  It is amazing how much Charlotte has grown and changed since the day she was born.  I said this last month, but I’ll say it again…she is SO MUCH FUN right now!

Memories for the time capsule:

-Charlotte desperately wants to crawl.  She stretches and pivots, pushes forward with her toes, and extends her limbs like Superman.  It’s quite comical.  In the end, she usually just does a few barrel rolls to get to her destination.  We’ve seen her get up on her hands and knees a few times so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s officially ‘on the move’ by next month.


-Her monkey feet…  when I’m nursing her, she takes her feet and holds onto my arm with them like a little baby monkey grasping a vine.  It’s adorable.

-Charlotte can stand up all by herself while holding onto something.  Maybe she’ll walk before she crawls?


-She literally says “Goo Goo Ga Ga”.  I love her baby talk.

-She has also said Mamamamamamama which I would love to think is me, but really it’s just babble.

-Update on her eye color:  I *think* they are green with some gray mixed in.  Her little brown eye freckle is here to stay!


-Charlotte enjoyed Sweet Potatoes and Turkey (pureed) on Thanksgiving.


-This girl definitely has a sense of humor.  Recently, she thought it was funny to pretend like she was asleep.  She squinted her eyes shut and then would open them when we laughed.  It was hysterical!  I didn’t know babies this age could do stuff like this on purpose just for laughs.  She definitely inherited her Daddy’s ability to make people smile 🙂

-First trip to see Santa.  She told him she wants an iPhone, a remote control, and a water bottle for Christmas.  These are her favorite “toys” (a.k.a. she rips them out of our hands so that she can slobber on them).

visit with santa

-I could probably say this every month, but I just love it when she falls asleep in my arms.  If I could pick one thing to do forever, it would be this.

Happy 8 months to our sweet Charlotte!

Charlotte’s Time Capsule: 6 Months

6 Months

SIX MONTHS!  I cannot believe that it is our baby’s half-birthday.  Time is flying much faster than I would like it to.  It’s been such a fun month with our spunky little girl!

Memories to add to Charlotte’s time capsule this month:

-Charlotte can sit up all by herself now!  She looks like such a big girl when sitting on her own.  🙂

-Two little bottom teeth have popped their way up…which explains why EVERYTHING is going in her mouth.  Those suckers are sharp!

-We started giving Charlotte solid foods this month.  The first few bites were full of hilarious expressions, but she has grown to love it more and more.

-Soft fuzzy light brown hair is starting to fill in all over that cute little noggin’

-We are treated to daily “concerts” by our little soprano.  She loves to squeal and squeak at the top of her lungs.  We think she will give Mariah Carey a run for her money when it comes to her vocal range!

-I love it when she straightens her legs and points her little toes like a ballerina when she is lying on her back and she gets excited.  Her arms flap up and down excitedly!

-Charlotte is very curious about EVERYTHING and likes to play with new things.  She is excellent at finding tags on things.  It’s her favorite game!

-Her baptism was this past month and it was perfect in every way…more on that in another post.

Looking forward to Charlotte’s first Halloween and more beautiful fall weather.  🙂

Charlotte’s Time Capsule: 5 Months

charlotte 5 months

Happy five months to our sweet and cheerful little girl.  Her personality is really starting to take shape and we love watching her grow and learn.  I feel like every day she is trying something new!

Memories to add to Charlotte’s time capsule this month:

-Blowing raspberries is her new favorite things to do.  They are so cute…and WET!

-She is sooooo close to sitting up.  Charlotte can sit for a little while in the tripod position with her hands out in front of her and she loves to try and lurch forward when reclined like she is attempting to sit up.  She’s so strong!

-This month, Charlotte found her feet…and they are her new favorite chew toy.

-I love her drooly chin.  Lots and lots of slobber happening.

-Charlotte’s talking has gone to a whole new level.  We love her babbling and chit chat.

-She loves to put everything in her mouth.  Everything!

-Charlotte had her first kiss this month!  She planted a big slobbery wet one on her buddy AJ.  Daddy thought about filing a restraining order, but didn’t want to make it awkward between friends.  And technically, I guess Charlotte made the first move.  No more flirting AJ.  😉

Look at all the things I can do!

Look at all the things I can do!