Lila Faith: Two Years Old!

March 23, 2017-11Oh Lila, how we love you!

I’m a bit late writing this post for your birthday, but I’m squeaking it in just before your big sister’s birthday and then, next week, the birth of your little brother.  You are such a sweet little caregiver…always carrying around a baby doll and telling us if it cries or needs a new diaper.  You can say your little brother’s name and give my belly sweet kisses.  We have no doubt that you will be an amazing big sister!

Watching you grow and change over the past few months has been so incredibly fun!  You walk, run, jump (“I bounce!”), and love to play hide-and-seek.  Your vocabulary is absolutely amazing and you continue to surprise us with new words every day.  Up until this point, you have been a very laid back little girl but lately….”whoa buddy” (you say that all the time p.s.)!!  You have been full of opinions and ideas and they don’t always line up with Mommy and Daddy’s.  But you wouldn’t be a true two-year-old without those kinds of moments.

Daddy and I made a list of things we want to remember about all the things we love so much about you right now.  We hope you read it back one day and can see how very special and loved you are!

Lila Faith at Two:

  • You love music and singing.  Your favorite songs are “I Got This Feeling (Sunshine In my Pocket)” by Justin Timberlake (which you call “Pock”), “Let it Go” from Frozen, and “Fireball” by Pitbull.
  • You recently started enjoying sitting down for a movie now and then and you love Tangled and Moana and Finding Dory (which you call “Nemo Dory”)
  • Your favorite toys are blocks, Barbies, baby dolls, the trampoline, and anything that you can use your amazing imagination with!  You love to play pretend 🙂
  •   Some of our favorite things you say:  “Watch this!”, “Okay” (in alllll kinds of different voices), “hide & seek”, and “Sorry!”  These sound like pretty normal things to say, but you do them in a very funny and unique way.  Ask us to try and show you how one day!  We are so impressed that you can put together sentences that are pretty long.  It’s so fun knowing what is on your mind now that you can tell us all about it.
  • You are SO smart and can count to 10, know all of your colors, and sign language for tons of different animals- you can say them all now, but just a few months ago you signed them!
  • Your cheeks are still so round and yummy.  We kiss them every day!
  • Sucking your thumb and twirling your hair are still your favorite ways to chill.
  • Your favorite color is PURPLE!
  • Your latest  obsession is sunglasses and you never leave home without them….often times we even find you wearing them indoors!
  • You love to dress yourself!  You also like to undress yourself too!  Sometimes we find you doing really funny things with your clothing (like putting pants on your head!) that makes us laugh.

Lila, we love you SO much and are so very proud of you!  Happy 2nd birthday sweetie pie!


Mommy and Daddy

March 08, 2017-2March 08, 2017March 10, 2017-2March 10, 2017-3April 05, 2017IMG_2569IMG_2619


Lila Faith: One Year Old Time Capsule!!!

March 24, 2016


I just went back and reread this post from when we first announced that we were expecting Lila.


I have tears in my eyes thinking back on how much I struggled emotionally at the beginning of her pregnancy.  I feel so GUILTY!  If I could go back in time, I would show myself a video of this infinitely sweet little girl sucking her thumb (with one finger always hooked over top!) and laughing at the silly noises I make.  Back then, I couldn’t see past the next day.  I couldn’t imagine what could be.  Even if I had tried to imagine, I would not have been able to dream up such an amazing baby.  Everyone told me that even though it felt like there would not be enough space in my heart for another baby, to just wait.  “You’ll see!” they said.

They were right.  

I look into those big brown eyes and feel such a strong love that it is breathtaking.  She leans into me, sucks her thumb, and I brush her soft, sweet hair out of her eyes, and kiss the top of her fluffy little head.  She melts me.

I don’t know if I’ll ever share the words of these blog posts with my girls.  I’ve written so candidly that I’m afraid that they won’t understand.  That they will question my love for them.

But it is *because* of my love for them that I write.

One day, many years from now, Lila might be feeling that same anxiety, the same fears about opening up her heart another time for another child.  Wondering if she has what it takes.

And I’ll be there to say, “Yes, you do.”

And I’ll be right.

(Aren’t moms always right?)

March 09, 2016-2

March 09, 2016


Lila’s 12 Month Time Capsule (photos very randomly thrown in here! haha)

-Lila’s ‘talking’ has begun to sound very much like that Swedish Chef muppet.  I cannot duplicate it and it’s 100% adorable.

-Although Lila has not started walking (or standing!) yet, she absolutely LOVES climbing stairs.  She gets really excited to go up the stairs right next to her big sis.  I’m not worried about her lack of walking.  She has proven time and again that she will do things when she is good and ready to.  And I am in NO RUSH to be chasing her around as she gets into everything.

March 23, 2016-2

March 23, 2016

-Usually, Lila is very even-keeled but lately she has started to show a bit of a jealous streak.  If mommy is holding Charlotte, she wants to be held too!  I feel like a rock star, but Daddy feels kind of left out.  I know it won’t be long before they hate my guts and worship him instead so I am enjoying it for now.

March 19, 2016

-I love watching Lila delicately use her fingers to grasp small objects.  She really has a knack for fine motor activities!

March 22, 2016


-Lila’s new obsession is her banana tooth brush given to her by a dear, sweet friend in a basket full of yellow sunshiny things.  She screams and cries when we try to take it away.

March 12, 2016

-As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, Lila’s thumb sucking really tugs at my heartstrings.  It’s such a sweet act and I love snuggling with her when she sucks on her sweet little thumb.  The only downside for now is that she gets a pretty gnarly drool rash from constantly spreading slobber all over her chin, lips, and nose.  Also, since she HATES having her nails clipped, she can often be found with little scratches on her nose as a result of the little finger hook she does while thumb sucking.March 02, 2016

-Lila had her first Easter this month.  She got bath toys, baby food, and sippy cups from the Easter Bunny and looked so sweet all dressed up for church and Easter brunch!

IMG_0359 FullSizeRender

-On Lila’s first birthday (March 23rd), we went to visit the cherry blossoms in DC and had an idyllic kind of day, playing outside and taking in the sights.  Later that day, we had a cake smash for her.  Let me tell you, this girl WENT TO TOWN!  We were sure she was going to be sick from eating so much cake, but she handled it just fine and was very mad at us from taking the (pulverized, smashed to bits) cake away from her at the end.

March 23, 2016-3 March 23, 2016-10 March 23, 2016-13 March 23, 2016-15

-Finally, we celebrated her birthday that weekend with a small family/friends party with a ladybug theme.  It was super sweet and we all had a great time 🙂  (Side note: although I am a professional photographer I am comically bad at taking party photos when it is my own family.  I always feel really weird getting my huge camera out and feel like it gets in the way!  I would much rather just sit back and enjoy the party.  I need to start hiring someone!!)

March 26, 2016-2 March 26, 2016-3 March 26, 2016-5 March 26, 2016-6 March 26, 2016-7 March 26, 2016-8 March 26, 2016-9 March 26, 2016-11 March 26, 2016-17 March 26, 2016-21 March 26, 2016-25

I feel a little bad that I am posting this sooooo late, but both of the girls (along with the rest of life!) have kept us pretty busy lately.  That’s the way it goes sometimes!

Kisses to my sweet baby girl in honor of her first birthday!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Lilas first year


Lila Faith: 11 Month Time Capsule

I am almost a week behind posting this which makes me sad because that means Lila is already one week closer to her first birthday!  I’m excited for her big day, but feeling very nostalgic.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were anxiously awaiting her arrival.  She has grown up so fast and is such a joy!

February 24, 2016

For the first time, Lila didn’t lay still for her monthly photo.  I was actually thrilled!  She’s always been so laid back and just chilled out for her photos so it was fun to see her be active and playful 🙂  I love this one!

Things for Lila’s time capsule:

-Lila loves to move!  She crawls anywhere and everywhere and pulls up easily to stand now.  She loves exploring- especially in the play kitchen.  Banging spoons inside of pots is her favorite pasttime.

February 16, 2016 January 29, 2016-4

February 04, 2016-2 February 09, 2016-2


-These cheeks.  Period.

February 02, 2016

-“Daddy” is an official word for her now.  Lila is a daddy’s girl and says his name whenever she sees him or hears him from a distance.

February 16, 2016-3 February 16, 2016-4

-Her first Valentine’s Day was filled with love!  The ‘lovebird’ brought her red pouches of baby food and a cute shirt to match her big sis.

February 14, 2016-6 February 14, 2016-9

-Lila is now officially in 12 month clothing!  She has really caught up in size and is getting bigger every minute.


Playing dress up with big sis

Playing dress up with big sis

-She has a mouthful of teeth and her fave foods right now are deli turkey, avocado, and BANANAS.  She might be part-monkey.

January 25, 2016-3

-When she is sleepy, she does this crazy thing where she flings herself backwards forcefully- you have to really watch her or else she will fling herself right out of your arms.  Fun times.  😉

February 03, 2016-2

-Lila was sick this past month with some high fevers.  She is normally to busy watching everyone else to snuggle, so although we didn’t want her to be sick, we did enjoy the cuddles while they lasted.


-She loves sticking her tongue out and making all kinds of babbly, fun noises with it.January 31, 2016-3


We love this little girl so much!  Her first birthday will be here before we know it!

Lila Faith: 10 Month Time Capsule

January 23, 2016-2

Lila turned 10 months old yesterday!  This month has been a very busy one for her and she reached many milestones all at one time like she was trying to cross them all off the list!

Lila’s Time Capsule:

January 10, 2016 January 10, 2016-2-Lila has a great appetite.  She has picked up on eating finger foods quickly this month.  Now in addition to her favorites of mashed peas and squash, she also enjoys bananas, pancakes, strawberries, blueberries, and of course PUFFS!

-We have been introducing sign language to Lila when she is eating and she has started copying us when we say “All done!” or “More”.  She has even self-initiated them on occasion!  It’s really neat to see her communicate in a new way!  🙂

January 12, 2016

-When she is feeling playful, Lila likes to clap ever so gently.  It’s adorable.

-She also loves to wave hello and good-bye to people…including herself in the mirror!

January 13, 2016

-Lila’s babbling has increased a bit.  I use the term babbling very loosely because I wouldn’t say she is a chatterbox, but when she does talk it is in the softest, sweetest, breathy little voice.  She says bababa and dadadada (this one is generally in reference to the dogs!).

-On the day she turned 10 months, we got slammed with a giant blizzard so Lila got a real doozy of a first snow.  Let’s just say she was not a fan.

January 22, 2016-6

-She did much better the next day when the winds and snow had stopped.  Strapped into the Ergo with Mommy, she went to her first block party at the ice bar our neighbors carved out of a snow bank.

-Lila is really good at crawling now and we are having to watch her closely so she doesn’t get into any trouble 😉

January 24, 2016-3 January 05, 2016-3

-She’s also begun pulling up to a standing position and loves to play at her activity table.

-Lila loves to play with a big pile of toys surrounding her!

January 08, 2016-3 January 08, 2016-2

-Lila has three teeth on the bottom and her two top teeth are poking through this month.

January 11, 2016

January 24, 2016-2

-Lately, she has shown a growing in interest in books and especially likes books that are interactive with flaps or fuzzy parts to touch.

-Even her laugh is laid back.  She has a slow little ”ha ha, ha ha” when she thinks something is funny.  Best word for it is a baby chuckle.

January 05, 2016

We just love her to pieces!!

Lila Faith: 8 Month Time Capsule

November 27, 2015

Lila’s Time Capsule at 8 Months:

-Lila is rolling over both ways and sitting up like a champ!  She doesn’t complain when she is on her belly anymore and has been practicing getting into the crawling position lately.

November 17, 2015

-She is sitting up so well that we retired the little whale baby tub and busted out Ducky for bath time.  This is probably the one and only time she smiled in Ducky’s presence.  He has not made an appearance since.November 22, 2015

-Lila likes to wake up at least once a night still just to spend a little one-on-one time with Mommy.  Not sure what happened to our great sleeper, but with cheeks like these, how can I resist?

November 16, 2015-4 November 16, 2015-2 November 16, 2015-5

-Solid foods are now completely delicious to Lila.  She gets so excited for each bite and loves to help with her spoon.  She especially loves puffs and avacado and feeds them to herself.  Her first attempts were about 30% success rate of puffs-to-mouth ration (70% to the dogs!), but now she’s about 95%.

-When food isn’t available, toes will do just fine 😉

November 16, 2015-3

-One of my favorite things that Lila does right now is when she gently pat-pat-pats me.  She takes her little hand and pats mine, or my head, or the table…she loves to pat!  Sometimes it looks like a wave, so perhaps she is trying to do that.

-Lila loves to listen to (and chew on) books during story time.

-Her every changing hair is now drifting downwards in the front, but is still fluffy in the back.  We can put little clips and bows in the wispy pieces that touch her forehead.

-And of course, big sister, Charlotte, is her BFF!  She watches her every single move and giggles at her funny monkey noises.

November 16, 2015


Lila Faith: 7 Month Time Capsule

October 26, 2015

A little glimpse into the lovely life of Lila Faith right now:

-So I totally jinxed myself in my last post.  Lila is still a great sleeper *BUT* she has had a few middle of the night wake-ups over the past month.  These wake-ups bring me to the next new thing…

-Lila is rolling over!  She rolls right over onto her belly at night, but she gets a bit grumpy when she can’t roll back over- hence the wake-ups 😉  We are doing tummy time like crazy to try and help her figure it out and she’s really catching on and pushing up more and more every day.

-Lila is also sitting pretty well now 🙂  She’s still a little wobby, but she no longer needs to tripod as much and she loves her new vantage point.

-This month, Lila was baptized!  It was such a sweet ceremony and we were so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends.  Of course, Lila sucked her little thumb through the whole thing 🙂

Lila baptism-2

-After Lila turned six months, we started giving her solid foods.  She’s not a giant fan yet, but her faces are pretty darn cute!

-Lila had her first swim class this month.  For such a laid-back baby who loves bathtime, I was surprised that she did NOT like being in the pool at all!  She fusses and sucks her thumb through the whole lesson haha.  It’s close to her bedtime though, so maybe it will grow on her over time as she is able to stay up later and later.

-She is totally loving her ExerSaucer and looks like such a big girl in it!

November 03, 2015

-Her cry is morphing into this high-pitched tongue-rolling squeal that you just have to hear to understand.  It sounds like she is crying in Italian or Spanish or something because of the way you can hear her roll an ‘r’ sound in the middle of crying!  It kind of sounds like she is blowing raspberries but not happy about it.


Loving this sweet girl to pieces!

Lila Faith: 6 Month Time Capsule

September 23, 2015


It is an ordinary day.  A gloriously ordinary day.  Just me and Lila before nap time, while Charlotte reads books in the other room.  I look at her and she smiles while I change her diaper.  Every time you look at her, she smiles.  When I pick her up, she feels light as a feather on my hip on our way to the rocking chair.  Pausing for a moment, I bury my nose deep down into the dandelion fluff of her hair.  It tickles me as I inhale her delicious baby smell and try to soak it all in.  How did this little peanut just turn six months old?  Thinking back on my pregnancy with her, I remember feeling so unsure about having another baby.  I was just fine.  Perfectly content.  I can’t even imagine things a different way now that she is here.  What would I have done without my sweet little dandelion, our Wilbur?  My heart expanded and made room for this happy little girl and I am so glad.  It has been amazing getting to know little Lila and also to watch Charlotte grow into the big sister she was meant to be.  When Lila cries, she says, “It’s alwight Lila.  Charlotte’s here.  It be ok.  Not cry.”  It makes me so proud.  Lila adores Charlotte.  She watches her every, single move and smiles widely when she sees her…even if big sister woke her from a nap.

September 11, 2015-2 September 11, 2015-3 September 05, 2015-4 September 05, 2015-3-2

So much love, so much fun.  Lila, thank you for that.

To put in the time capsule this month:

-Last month, we wondered if she would roll over…She did!  Once.  And she hasn’t done it again since!  Apparently, it’s no big deal.

-Instead, Lila does lots of toe grabbing and I just love seeing her little rolls get extra squishy when she does this.

September 01, 2015-6

-Lila is *almost* sitting up.  She can sit by using her arms as a tripod but you have to stay close by because she will fall right back over at a moment’s notice.

September 28, 2015-2

-The fluff is starting to succumb to gravity.  There is a section in the front of her hair that is starting to fall forward a bit instead of sticking straight up.  It kind of makes me want to cry.  But don’t worry, it is still fluffy and spiky and all over the place.  Be amazed!

September 07, 2015-2

-I love having a thumb sucker.  If you lay Lila down to bed, she makes a totally heart wrenching pout face and wimpers but then immediately sticks her thumb in her mouth and goes to sleep.  It’s awesome.  I love the way she sucks her thumb while sticking all of her other fingers straight up…so cute.

September 18, 2015-2 -Speaking of sleeping…I haven’t really mentioned it for fear of jinxing our amazing luck… but, this girl sleeps like a champ and always has.  She goes right to bed around 6:30 or 7:00 and sleeps straight through the night.  Every.  Single.  Night.  I am actually frightened that by typing that out and admitting it aloud that we will be punished for our good fortune, but I’ll risk it because I need to brag on my girl 😉

-My little baby bird, opens her mouth up so wide when you go to give her a kiss.  I just love this expression.

September 03, 2015-2

-Teeth!  Lila got her first two teeth on the bottom this month.  I will miss her gummy smile, but her little teeth are precious.  Lots of drool has accompanied these teeth and we find ourselves ‘slimed’ quite often!

-Lila still loves her doggies, especially Lily, who has a soft spot in her heart.

September 19, 2015-2September 15, 2015-3

So thankful for this sweet little girl with her yummy cheeks, spiky hair, and sweet smile.