2013 Kindness for Callie Log

*Don’t forget to read about the Kindness for Callie Project and get your K4C cards here

2013 Kindness for Callie Log

Date Act of Sunshine Given By
1/3/13 Paid for coffee for person behind us John & Kristin
1/7/13 Purchased “cookie cards” for next 4 people in line; proceeds benefitting Children’s Hospital Anna Elias
 1/7/13  Donation made to the National Marfan Foundation in Callie’s memory  Barrett & Ryan Divina
 1/11/13  Wrote letter to Nurse Cindy telling her how awesome she is!  John & Kristin
 1/13/13  Weekly themes of giving:  #1 random gifts (gift cards, money taped to machines, etc.); #2 food for people in need; #3 armed forces  Lindsay V.
 1/14/13  Gave a ride home to a man in need  Nana & Pops
 1/15/13  Bought Chick-fil-a for the next in line  Karen (my new photo friend!)
 1/16/13  Left a generous tip for a waiter who had recently had a newborn son  Brenda & Jose Castro
 1/17/13  Took doughnuts to cafeteria staff after a hard day of work  Nana
 1/18/13  Passed out store credit coupon to next in line  Ginny Hagee
 1/18/13  Paid for next customer in line at Dunkin’ Donuts  Kerry Lennon
 1/19/13  Turned this blog into a book for Kristin 🙂 Thank you Amy! xoxo  Amy Frady
 1/20/13 Donation made in Callie’s name to Lifeline Pregnancy Center in Leesburg for the purchase of a Sonogram machine  Cathy Schied
 1/21/13  Made a financial donation in Callie’s memory to Children’s Hospital & donated toys/books to INOVA Fairfax for children who are ill and have extended stays  Ben & Stephanie Angle
 1/26/13  Donation made in Callie’s memory to National Marfan Foundation  Chris and Erin Rice
 1/28/13  Left a gift card for the next family to have a baby stay in the NICU at the local hospital  John & Kristin
 1/30/13  Sent pizza to a neighbor whose house had been damaged by a tree limb  Dana & Jed DeHart
 1/31/13  Taped refund to a Christian book she was selling online so it was free of cost & posted a free Redbox code for the next person to rent a movie  Anna Elias
 2/1/13  Left generous tip for waitress at Sonic 🙂  Ginny Hagee
 2/5/13  Donated TV to a friend & surprised a coworker with Starbucks  Kerry Lennon
 2/7/13  Left generous tip for a friendly employee at Boston Market  Nick & Lindsey Estes
 2/14/13  Paid for Chick-fil-a for the person in line behind them  Mike & Christin
 2/23/13  Left generous tip at Sals, Jr. in Radford, VA  Ginny Hagee
 3/3/13  Took soup to a friend who was going through a difficult time & made a yellow fleece blanket for the school nurse to give out to a sad/sick child to make them feel better (so cute!)  Renee Myers
 3/3/13  Bought a chocolate chip cookie for the cashier at the grocery store to pass out to another customer  Kristin & John
 3/16/13  Donates blood every 8-9 weeks beginning last January after Callie’s passing  Pam Daniel
 1/18/13-3/15/13Lindsay is doing weekly acts of giving!  Week 3 – 1.18 – armed forces week – we donated to Operation Shoebox which sends requested items to overseas troopsWeek 4 – 1.24- Riley’s birthday week so we made a donation to Make a WishWeek 5 – 1.28 Donated to National Marfan FoundationWeek 6 – 2.5 – Donated to Compassion InternationalWeek 7 – Random giving week, Riley’s favorite – cookies for people in line behind us, quarters on Harry the DragonWeek 8 – 2.21 – Donated to Molly’s Bears for Beryl’s Birthday Wish

Week 9 – 2.27 – Paid for Starbucks and in turn someone immediately paid for mine!

Week 10 – Random giving week – quarters on games at Red Robin, redbox code on machine

Week 11 – 3.15 – Donated books to the Joyful Life Library in memory of Cora Macclenahan

 Lindsay V.
 3/26/13  Contribution to VT’s Relay for Life in Callie’s Memory  Lindsey & Nick EstesNana & Pops
 4/7/13  Drove a lost family back to their hotel 🙂  Laura
 4/12/13  Created the Praying in Pictures project to share with others  Kristin
 4/12/13  Gave a coworker going through a rough time an anonymous gift card to Starbucks  Lindsay Blanchard
 4/17/13  Passed on a gift card to a man in need at McDonalds  Sarah Farmer
 4/20/13  Paid for the next person in line at Chick-fil-a  Mike & Christin O’Rourke
 4/16/13  Made donation to the American Cancer Society  Kerry Lennon
 4/18/13  Made cookies for the nurses on the maternity wing  Kristin & John
 6/4/13  Bought tix to a fundraiser for coworkers  Steve, Tony, Freddie, Eddie, Julie, Katy, & Dad
 6/29/13  Sponsoring a meal with the CommUnity Table  Sandoe/Gallimore families
 7/2013  Made donation at Boscovs  Lindsey Estes
 7/2013  Gave books to little girl with Marfan syndrome  Kristin & Carly
 9/2013  -Donation made to Operation Warm (ensuring kids in PA stay warm this winter)-Generous tip given to the Carhop at Sonic’s (who said that he has been given K4C cards before!!  How cool is that?!?) AnonymousGinny Hagee

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