Lila Faith: 8 Month Time Capsule

November 27, 2015

Lila’s Time Capsule at 8 Months:

-Lila is rolling over both ways and sitting up like a champ!  She doesn’t complain when she is on her belly anymore and has been practicing getting into the crawling position lately.

November 17, 2015

-She is sitting up so well that we retired the little whale baby tub and busted out Ducky for bath time.  This is probably the one and only time she smiled in Ducky’s presence.  He has not made an appearance since.November 22, 2015

-Lila likes to wake up at least once a night still just to spend a little one-on-one time with Mommy.  Not sure what happened to our great sleeper, but with cheeks like these, how can I resist?

November 16, 2015-4 November 16, 2015-2 November 16, 2015-5

-Solid foods are now completely delicious to Lila.  She gets so excited for each bite and loves to help with her spoon.  She especially loves puffs and avacado and feeds them to herself.  Her first attempts were about 30% success rate of puffs-to-mouth ration (70% to the dogs!), but now she’s about 95%.

-When food isn’t available, toes will do just fine😉

November 16, 2015-3

-One of my favorite things that Lila does right now is when she gently pat-pat-pats me.  She takes her little hand and pats mine, or my head, or the table…she loves to pat!  Sometimes it looks like a wave, so perhaps she is trying to do that.

-Lila loves to listen to (and chew on) books during story time.

-Her every changing hair is now drifting downwards in the front, but is still fluffy in the back.  We can put little clips and bows in the wispy pieces that touch her forehead.

-And of course, big sister, Charlotte, is her BFF!  She watches her every single move and giggles at her funny monkey noises.

November 16, 2015


Lila Faith: 7 Month Time Capsule

October 26, 2015

A little glimpse into the lovely life of Lila Faith right now:

-So I totally jinxed myself in my last post.  Lila is still a great sleeper *BUT* she has had a few middle of the night wake-ups over the past month.  These wake-ups bring me to the next new thing…

-Lila is rolling over!  She rolls right over onto her belly at night, but she gets a bit grumpy when she can’t roll back over- hence the wake-ups😉  We are doing tummy time like crazy to try and help her figure it out and she’s really catching on and pushing up more and more every day.

-Lila is also sitting pretty well now🙂  She’s still a little wobby, but she no longer needs to tripod as much and she loves her new vantage point.

-This month, Lila was baptized!  It was such a sweet ceremony and we were so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends.  Of course, Lila sucked her little thumb through the whole thing🙂

Lila baptism-2

-After Lila turned six months, we started giving her solid foods.  She’s not a giant fan yet, but her faces are pretty darn cute!

-Lila had her first swim class this month.  For such a laid-back baby who loves bathtime, I was surprised that she did NOT like being in the pool at all!  She fusses and sucks her thumb through the whole lesson haha.  It’s close to her bedtime though, so maybe it will grow on her over time as she is able to stay up later and later.

-She is totally loving her ExerSaucer and looks like such a big girl in it!

November 03, 2015

-Her cry is morphing into this high-pitched tongue-rolling squeal that you just have to hear to understand.  It sounds like she is crying in Italian or Spanish or something because of the way you can hear her roll an ‘r’ sound in the middle of crying!  It kind of sounds like she is blowing raspberries but not happy about it.


Loving this sweet girl to pieces!

Lila Faith: 6 Month Time Capsule

September 23, 2015


It is an ordinary day.  A gloriously ordinary day.  Just me and Lila before nap time, while Charlotte reads books in the other room.  I look at her and she smiles while I change her diaper.  Every time you look at her, she smiles.  When I pick her up, she feels light as a feather on my hip on our way to the rocking chair.  Pausing for a moment, I bury my nose deep down into the dandelion fluff of her hair.  It tickles me as I inhale her delicious baby smell and try to soak it all in.  How did this little peanut just turn six months old?  Thinking back on my pregnancy with her, I remember feeling so unsure about having another baby.  I was just fine.  Perfectly content.  I can’t even imagine things a different way now that she is here.  What would I have done without my sweet little dandelion, our Wilbur?  My heart expanded and made room for this happy little girl and I am so glad.  It has been amazing getting to know little Lila and also to watch Charlotte grow into the big sister she was meant to be.  When Lila cries, she says, “It’s alwight Lila.  Charlotte’s here.  It be ok.  Not cry.”  It makes me so proud.  Lila adores Charlotte.  She watches her every, single move and smiles widely when she sees her…even if big sister woke her from a nap.

September 11, 2015-2 September 11, 2015-3 September 05, 2015-4 September 05, 2015-3-2

So much love, so much fun.  Lila, thank you for that.

To put in the time capsule this month:

-Last month, we wondered if she would roll over…She did!  Once.  And she hasn’t done it again since!  Apparently, it’s no big deal.

-Instead, Lila does lots of toe grabbing and I just love seeing her little rolls get extra squishy when she does this.

September 01, 2015-6

-Lila is *almost* sitting up.  She can sit by using her arms as a tripod but you have to stay close by because she will fall right back over at a moment’s notice.

September 28, 2015-2

-The fluff is starting to succumb to gravity.  There is a section in the front of her hair that is starting to fall forward a bit instead of sticking straight up.  It kind of makes me want to cry.  But don’t worry, it is still fluffy and spiky and all over the place.  Be amazed!

September 07, 2015-2

-I love having a thumb sucker.  If you lay Lila down to bed, she makes a totally heart wrenching pout face and wimpers but then immediately sticks her thumb in her mouth and goes to sleep.  It’s awesome.  I love the way she sucks her thumb while sticking all of her other fingers straight up…so cute.

September 18, 2015-2 -Speaking of sleeping…I haven’t really mentioned it for fear of jinxing our amazing luck… but, this girl sleeps like a champ and always has.  She goes right to bed around 6:30 or 7:00 and sleeps straight through the night.  Every.  Single.  Night.  I am actually frightened that by typing that out and admitting it aloud that we will be punished for our good fortune, but I’ll risk it because I need to brag on my girl😉

-My little baby bird, opens her mouth up so wide when you go to give her a kiss.  I just love this expression.

September 03, 2015-2

-Teeth!  Lila got her first two teeth on the bottom this month.  I will miss her gummy smile, but her little teeth are precious.  Lots of drool has accompanied these teeth and we find ourselves ‘slimed’ quite often!

-Lila still loves her doggies, especially Lily, who has a soft spot in her heart.

September 19, 2015-2September 15, 2015-3

So thankful for this sweet little girl with her yummy cheeks, spiky hair, and sweet smile.

Lila Faith: 5 Month Time Capsule

August 24, 2015

So school started and I had a bunch of sessions and now I’m two weeks late posting Lila’s 5 Month Time Capsule!  I also totally forgot to put her little ‘watch me grow’ onesie in the crib.  Oops!  There’s no way I was retaking it though because this smile is just so darn sweet.  It’s been a whirlwind going back to school but we are in a good routine now and things are cruising along.

Things to put in the time capsule this month:

-Lila hasn’t rolled over just yet, but she is soooooooo close.  She will see something interesting and get all the way on her side, but that’s as far as she cares to go.  I think she’s just perfectly content staying on her side because she seems like she’s got the capability, but just doesn’t really feel like it.  So laid back!

-Her hair.  The fluffy mohawk has reached new heights.  No matter where we go, people want to pet the mohawk.  How high will it go before eventually succumbing to gravity?  Only time will tell.

-Lila loves to grab her sweet chubby little feet.  This is my favorite baby-ism so I’m loving it.

-Our sweet Lila started daycare for the first time this month.  She’s doing great and mom only shed a few tears😉

-Her little wide-mouth toothless grin is so adorable.  I wonder when she will get teeth?  Enjoying the gummy look for now.🙂

-You better believe that I kiss those yummy cheeks every single opportunity I get!!


Lila Faith: 4 Month Time Capsule

July 23, 2015

Lila Faith.  She is the absolute sweetest baby.  I can’t stop kissing her sweet little cheeks or squishy legs.  As the summer begins to wind down, I am savoring all these baby cuddles before school starts back up.

This month I want to remember:

-Lila is SOOOOO close to rolling over, but hasn’t quite made it all the way yet.  I think she’ll be rolling by next month.  She actually might be closer to sitting up than rolling!  She is very strong and tries to sit up on her own at every opportunity.  Lila likes to put weight on her legs while watching her big sister, Charlotte, playing.

-She is much more interested in toys now.  She reaches for them, grasping them in her hand and bringing them to her mouth.

-Speaking of her mouth, Lila likes to blow very wet raspberries and has started the drooling phase🙂

-Lila started laughing within the last month.  She likes to giggle when we say “boo” and I have caught her laughing and smiling at Lily a few times.

-I just love her little feet.  She likes to curl up her cute toes like she is trying to grab on to things with them.

-Lila had her first dip in the ocean this month!  Our trip to Calabash/Sunset Beach with Aunt Carly and Uncle Mark was so much fun!
July 16, 2015July 18, 2015-3July 18, 2015-4July 20, 2015-2July 27, 2015-2 July 08, 2015-9 July 09, 2015-4

Lila Faith: 3 Month Time Capsule

June 29, 2015


Look at that sweet smile!!

This month I want to remember:

-These smiles that melt your heart!

-The soft ah-goo noises she makes along with the obligatory beautiful spit bubbles.

-Lila loves to kick and splash in her bathtub.

-Speaking of baths, she has a lot more hair than her sister did at 3 months.  After it thinned out a bit last month, it is starting to grow back in a bit🙂  It sticks straight up!

-She likes to stick her tongue in and out like a little lizard.

-Lila loves watching big sister, Charlotte, and taking in her environment.

-We very rarely hear her cry.  Sometimes, I hear her on the monitor and she’s just lying there cooing and kicking her feet…straight chillin’!


Being a Mom Isn’t Fun

Somewhere along the way, I got this idea that being a mom was supposed to be fun.  I would marry a wonderful, handsome guy and have a brood of beautiful children.  We would laugh all the time and never argue.  Our days would be spent doing art projects, having tickle fights, playing board games congenially, and throwing a ball around outside.  The only time someone would cry would be if one of my sweet, perfect children fell down and bumped their head…and of course, I would be right there to love and kiss that boo-boo away.

But guess what?  This isn’t fun.

Remember how I said I imagined that the only time someone would cry was if they fell down?  Today at the park, Charlotte fell (because she insisted on going down some very steep stairs even though I told her not to) and bumped her head HARD.  I couldn’t catch her because I was holding Lila so I just awkwardly half-grabbed her which probably made her hit her head harder.  And instead of crying for mommy to kiss her boo-boo, she screamed NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO when I went to comfort her as she has done for the past few weeks any time she falls down.  Apparently this girl gets P.O.’d when she’s hurt.  I don’t really get it and I quit trying to understand.

That’s not the only crying though.  There’s the tantrums and the screaming fits.  All day.  Every day.  Yep, she’s been fed and, yep, she’s taking naps.  I’ve switched around schedules and tried lots of different strategies.  It’s just this magical thing called being two.  Oh, and of course, there’s the three month old baby thrown in the mix who is really laid back but just happens to cry every once in a while too…obviously timed at the exact same moment as a temper tantrum from big sis for a more dramatic effect.

Nope, this isn’t fun.

It’s hard work.  It’s frustrating.  It’s exhausting.  Emotional.  And sometimes it just plain sucks.

Many times this week, I have had to remind myself that I prayed for this.  I longed for this and begged for this.  I used to absolutely loathe it when I heard anyone utter anything that resembled a complaint about being a parent, no matter how tiny the complaint.  In that difficult time after losing Callie, but before having Charlotte, I couldn’t fathom how anyone could feel such a way.

A little while ago after a particularly challenging day, I was putting the girls to bed.  Lila was nursing and Charlotte was snuggled up close on my other side as we read books.  Their freshly bathed skin smelled so good and they were both so cuddly and sweet.  After reading, Charlotte told me she loved me and asked me to sing her our song.  I’ve always sung “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) ” by Billy Joel to her as she goes to sleep every night, but on this occasion I looked over to my left and saw the bronzed cast of Callie’s hand next to her bear and a framed picture that says “You Are My Sunshine” and instead of singing the usual song, I sang that one instead.  “You Are My Sunshine” has been and always will be Callie’s song and because of that I have never been able to sing it to Charlotte or Lila.  I’ve avoided it like the plague because it makes me so deeply sad.  But on this night, it felt right.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… you make me happy when skies are gray..

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you… please don’t take my sunshine away.

The other night dear, when I lay sleeping… I dreamt I held you in my arms…

When I awoke dear, I was mistaken… so I hung my head and cried.

For the first time, I was able to sing it to the babies that Callie watches over every day with me.  I still felt sadness, but I finally was able to let myself smile a little bit too.  Charlotte looked up at me and said, “Again, Mommy?” and flashed those dimples I love so much.  So, I sang it again, and again, and again, each time releasing a little bit more of that un-fun day and embracing the sweetness of my precious girls in that moment.

Nope, it’s not about being fun.  Ok, sometimes it is.  Like the times Lila looks at me and smiles and coos.  Like Charlotte proudly showing off during ballet.  Playing in the pool.  Enjoying ice cream.  Singing lullabies.  But, these days at least, it’s mostly not-fun stuff like gigantic poop-splosions, dragging a screaming toddler through the mall, or worrying about if I am doing this even remotely right.

Being a parent is not about being fun or not fun.  It’s about being present and not wishing away time or dwelling on what can’t be changed.  It’s about loving these fickle mini-people in the good times and bad.  It’s leading them, listening to them.  It’s forgiveness.  It’s amazing and awesome, humbling and complicated.  Hopefully, there is a little fun sprinkled in there too- I’ve just learned that, “fun” is not what it’s all about.

It’s being happy when skies are gray (even if the cloudy skies are their fault!)…and remembering that there will always be sunshine after every storm, even if it takes a while.

And sometimes, if the light is just right, there is a rainbow too.  ;-)